An angelic fantasy adventure by Brandon Hankins


Autumn is a soft-hearted nephilim child with dreams of becoming a hero much like the ones he reads about: brave, fierce, respected, and worthy. Everything he feels he isn't. So when it's his time to embark on the customary pilgrimage across the world to forge one’s own halo, he jumps at the chance. He believes that completing this quest—becoming a full angel—will make him a hero, and grant what he’s longed for. Unfortunately, he must journey through a land fraught with danger and cruelty to reach one of the few remaining Sacred Flames required to complete the quest: the fire within the throat of a powerful Dragon, or the flames of a dying Phoenix. Neither will part with its Flame willingly.

This comic, which is expanded from my first completed 24-hour comics challenge, is a love letter to the RPG and fantasy video games I grew up playing. It is a tale of healing, of finding and accepting one's own worth. This story is the gift to the child I used to be, and to others who've been told the lie that a soft heart is a weakness.

Updates Wednesdays and Fridays.